Prologue part 3

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

I changed my mind about keeping the final bit secret. Decided to post it. Here you go.


After an undetermined amount of time, Travia ventured out of the cupboard. Not because she thought the danger, had gone, but because she smelled burning. Sure enough, when she got out, she could see smoke rising up through the floorboards. Surely enough, when she rushed downstairs, the ground floor of the tower was ablaze. Her master’s dying body laid in the courtyard, with Magus standing over it, eyes full of tears.

“Magus,” said Sinyeĭ. “There’s something I never told you. Your… parents… they were… ”

At this point Sinyeĭ died. Travia glared at Magus, jealous that she didn’t get any last minute plot important revelations. At that point, she decided. She was going to avenge herself against the Empire. And so she did.


One more, the painful memories almost brought tears to Travia’s eyes. Almost. She was going to take the officer test soon, and once she became a captain, she would contact the local insurgency and become a mole. It was a perfect plan. After all, she came up with it.


“Unless it’s a farm!” shouted the drill sergeant, finishing his rambling and highly incoherent speech. “Now, you are all men! Except for those of you who aren’t! Everyone, to the barracks! You’re heading to the front lines tomorrow.”

Everyone headed to the barracks, except for Travia. She had guard duty that night. Still, she didn’t have to ship out in the morning, due to being held back for officer training, so it didn’t matter.

Hearing a rustling in the bushes behind her, she chuckled. “Well,” she said to the bush in front of her. “Throwing a rock behind me in an attempt to get me to turn my back on you? Come out with your hands up.”

When the fireball hit her in the back she realized there is such a thing as being too genre savvy.


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