More Prologue!

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Yup. I decided to post a second piece of the prologue. Still going to keep the final bit secret.. Also, to those who have commented, thank you for your advice and support.


After breakfast, Travia had gone to talk to their master, while Magus went out to pick up supplies. Pausing before Sinyeĭ’s door, she had shuddered, remembering the last time she had interrupted him without due cause. He had been in the middle of a summoning, and the interruption had set free a demon that destroyed half the tower before they managed to bring it down. There were no sounds from inside the room, and no sigils chalked on the door, but it still paid to be cautious. Carelessness of that sort was what created the Abyssal Plains. The world would not be able to handle two disasters of that magnitude. Still, she had news about the Threefold Seal, and Sinyeĭ would probably want to know right away.

“Master?” said Travia as she slowly pushed open the door. “Are you there? The divining went as planned.”

At this point she noticed the complete lack of her master. Also, she heard the sounds of people being stabbed to death outside. Never a good sign, that.

Looking out the window, she saw Sinyeĭ fighting off what appeared to be the entire imperial army. Wielding warhammer in one hand and staff in the other, the greybearded dwarf was a fearsome sight. Regrettably, the enemy did not seem to agree, rushing on him in a black armored wave. Although he fought well, the dwarf was soon to be overwhelmed, as he was the only pocket of resistance in sight.

“Dammit,” said Travia, her thoughts swinging over to Magus. “The one time I need that idiot and he’s gone. He always was better than me at combat magic.”

At this point, she decided discretion was the better part of valor. In English, that means she went and hid in the broom cupboard.



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